Discover Bible Course

Available in North America.

The Discover Bible Course is a special series of lessons which cover the major teachings and prophecies of the Bible. You will enjoy studying the Bible through these exciting, colorful lessons. They will help to answer many of the most common questions that people have about God and His Word. Questions such as:

    1. Does God really exist?
    2. How do I know the Bible is inspired by God?
    3. Why doesn’t God stop all the suffering?
    4. How does a person have a relationship with Jesus Christ?
    5. How can I start over after I’ve really messed up?
    6. Are we living in the end times?
    7. What happens when we die?
    8. What is Revelation’s 1000 years of peace?
    9. How do I find a good church?
    10. What will heaven be like?

    … And many more important questions!


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